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Welsh Food In Caerphilly

Although our menu is packed full of modern English dishes, we had to make sure there was a nod to Welsh cuisine. As we’re situated in Caerphilly, in the heart of Wales, we felt it was important to serve Welsh food with a modern twist.

When it comes to Welsh food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it might be Welsh cakes or Welsh rarebit. For us, of course the answer is a beautifully cooked lamb rump.

Brecon Lamb Rump: The Ultimate Welsh Dish

Did you know that in Wales, there are three sheep for every one person? With that in mind, it’s no wonder that lamb is one of the most popular meals in Wales. In fact, Welsh lamb is considered to be some of the finest meat on the market.

Welsh Lamb Rump with rosemary

At Ten Degrees, we source our lamb from Brecon, just a short distance away. Our talented Head Chef cooks this local lamb to perfection, served with locally-sourced vegetables. For a modern twist on a traditional dish, we’ve swapped the potatoes for crispy polenta. This creates a mouth-watering blend of flavours and textures.

Welsh Sunday Lunch

While talking about our lamb dishes, we can’t forget to mention our traditional Sunday lunch! Our roasts are served with seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, rich cauliflower cheese and a tasty gravy. For those that love a traditional Welsh lamb roast, Ten Degrees have got you covered. Our Welsh lamb rump comes with all the trimmings and a classic mint sauce.

Roast Welsh Lamb joint

Fresh, Local Produce

Being in Wales means that we have some of the best local produce available. All of our ingredients are delivered daily, so your plate is sure to be bursting with colourful flavours. Because we only use fresh ingredients, our menu changes regularly to accommodate seasonal produce.

Welsh Cheese

If you’d like to finish off your meal with a plate of traditional Welsh cheese, take a look at our cheese plate. This delicious platter offers the chance to sample Caerphilly, Perl Las Blue and Perl Wen.

Caerphilly is a signature Welsh cheese that many people will be familiar with. This is a hard, white cheese with a creamy flavour and a slight tang. The texture is slightly crumbly and the taste is mild.

Perl Las is a traditional Welsh blue cheese, with a strong but not overpowering flavour.

Perl Wen is Perl Las’s soft cheese counterpart. This cheese tastes much like Brie with a buttery texture. Perl Wen is made with a traditional Caerphilly cheese recipe, but mould-ripened to produce its Brie-like texture.

Come To Ten Degrees For Welsh Food

Whether you’re a fan of English dishes or are seeking something with a Welsh twist, the menu at Ten Degrees is sure to delight. Book a table today and find out just how delicious our food is!

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