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How To Choose A Dining Venue For Your Event

When choosing a venue for your private event, it’s important to consider several factors such as cuisine, culture, size, dietary restrictions and formality. At Ten Degrees, we understand the importance of a perfect venue, and the effect it can have. That’s why we’ve created a useful guide on choosing a location for your event, so everything goes smoothly.

Step One: Organise Your Guest List

The first thing to consider when planning an event and choosing a venue is the guest list. This is important to lock in at the very beginning, because some event venues will have a maximum capacity. If you’re having a modest buffet for a few dozen people then you can utilise the smaller, more intimate locations. However, if you’re planning a large work event with over 100 people then you may have to rule out some event venues.

guest list

Step Two: Establish Dietary Restrictions

Secondly, dietary restrictions can influence the event venue you choose. It might seem like a circumstantial adjustment that can be catered to wherever you go. However, if over half your guests are vegetarian, holding your event at a venue that specialises in meat-based cuisines, like a smokehouse, may not be appropriate. We recommend establishing your guest list and confirming any allergies, intolerances, or personal preferences before you make a solid decision on location.

dietary restrictions

Step Three: Decide On A Theme

The theme of your event will play a big part in the venue you choose. Some locations suit a more formal environment, such as a conference centre or manor house. Contrastingly, an old countryside pub or an outdoor restaurant may cater to a more casual affair. Understanding the purpose of the event, whether it’s purely social or for business purposes, and who will be attending are all factors to consider when choosing an event venue. If you make the right decision, the location will complement the theme of the event.

event theme

Step Four: Culture, Cuisine & Contacting Your Event Venue

Lastly, it’s essential to consider the cultural influence on your event, and how that affects the cuisine. For example, if the event is being held in a rural setting, then that might not be effective for an eclectic event looking to serve exotic and unusual dishes. On the other hand, a casual social event looking to serve guests buffet-style food in a comfortable environment may seem out of place in a fancy manor house or a Michelin-star restaurant. Once you’ve established the size, dietary restrictions, and cuisine preferences for your event, it’s time to contact the venue. We advise doing this as soon as possible to ensure you’re not too late.

event contact

Get In Touch With Ten Degrees For Your Perfect Event Venue

Our venue is equipped with talented chefs, phenomenal food and flexible packages to enjoy the stunning location for your private event. For more information, or to discuss your event, get in touch with us today.

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